Sugar Hill Farm LLC
Owner Betsy Kubiak
6505 Gillis Rd, Victor, NY 14564
Tel: (585) 924-8240 • Fax: (585) 742-2203

About Us

Sugar Hill Farm has grown over the years to encompass multiple buildings that house brood mares, foals and youngsters while hundreds of years of family farming continue today on the rolling acreage that surrounds the buildings.

In 2015, after many successful years in business, the focus at Sugar Hill Farm is one of rededication and renewal. Our breeding program will produce better horses, improving on the generation before. We strive to bring wonderful, well-mannered horses to the market with the efforts of a devoted and involved staff. We are motivated to continue to educate ourselves to ensure we remain appropriate stewards for the Arabian horse.


  • 175 acres of rolling farm land
  • 21 windowed 12'x12' stalls
  • 72' x 204' indoor arena
  • 150' x 300' outdoor arena
  • crumb rubber & sand footing in working rings
  • fire suppression system
  • lighted grooming bays
  • vinyl-lined wash rack with heated floor
  • turn-out paddocks
  • just 40 minutes from the Rochester airport and 5 minutes from NY Interstate 90
  • 6 foaling stalls 16'x16' with attached turnouts

Sugar Hill Farm has now been in existence for more than a decade and has enjoyed everything that one could ask for in a new venture. Its growth, since the days when it was simply a vision, has been felt not only in the number of horses, clients, friends made or the ribbons won, but in a growing, shared philosophy that puts the horses first and the idea of learning as a never- ending practice. The Farm frequently hosts Chamber of Commerce functions and special interest group tours, continually seeking to introduce more people to the world of Arabian horses.

"I LOVE being in the barn every day. What the horses give back to me on a constant basis is echoed by the fact that they have helped me to clarify my goals - goals that at one point of my life I was too afraid to make, from fear of failing. The horses that I was so afraid to ride years ago are now my ever-patient lesson companions. They have me riding five days a week and wanting to learn even more.

"Recently I had the privledge to ride and compete on a young horse I bred here on the farm. I must admit to believing that riding such a young horse was not possible for me. Experience tells me that many things are possible. As for the future of Sugar Hill Farm...with the thoughtful care and grooming of each individual tree, the forest will continue to grow. The understanding of the constant need for flexibility and evolution in the Arabian horse world allows us to look forward to a future of new goals and excitement that provides daily enjoyment for my staff and for me!

"I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, yet trying to learn from those who have been in this industry a long time, producing horses that will allow others to enjoy them as much as I do!"

~ Owner, Betsy Kubiak

Farm Background

The quality Arabian horses add to our lives is timeless. They take us on a never- ending journey of lessons to be learned and they bring so much to the lives they touch. Over the years we have seen people get "in" and "out" of Arabian horses for reasons individual and unique to each. Happily, every day there are people getting "in" to Arabian horses and finding themselves bitten by the life changing "bug" that those of us who eat, sleep and breathe this breed can understand. One of these people is Betsy Kubiak of Victor, New York. Betsy is the owner of Sugar Hill Farm, located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Betsy began this endeavor in 2001 with the planning and development of the 175-acre, 30-stall facility at 6505 Gillis Road in Victor, New York.

Earlier in Betsy's life, she had minimal exposure to horses, but always a great fascination with them. "My Dad and Uncle Ray always had horses back in the day, but frankly I had a few incidents that made me scared to death of them," says Kubiak. "I would hear about my cousin Linda riding and what fun she was having, but I was always scared. It wasn't until later in life, when my 21-year-old step-daughter went on a riding excursion during one of our family vacations, that the familiar 'itch' to conquer this fear returned to me. At that time a friend of mine and I answered a local newspaper ad and very slowly got reintroduced to these fabulous animals.

Like any big endeavor, one day I would say 'I can do this!', then other days I was thoroughly humbled by how much I had to learn. Fortunately, the courage won out, and although I am humbled daily by everything I realize I still need to learn, I jumped in with two feet. My husband and I have always done things in a well thought out manner, and in this case starting with the proper foundation was of great importance to me.

My husband Tom and I had just finished building our new home and it was time to begin the building process again - this time for the horses' comfort. The design and 're-design' of the facility was certainly a learning process in its own right, and developed strictly with the horses' comfort and the future growth of the farm in mind."

A Mission Statement

The purpose of Sugar Hill Farm, LLC is to promote awareness of the Arabian horse and highlight the breeds' distinct attributes. We do this by breeding, raising, training, sales and exhibition of the Arabian horse. Introducing those not already familiar with the Arabian horse is a primary focus of the organization. In addition, we choose to breed Arabian horses that are safe and family friendly while at the same time improve the breed by specific choices of mares and stallions.

The organization means to promote activities of a nature to create enthusiasm, use, pleasure and interest in the breed. We are here to encourage and educate youth and adults interested in the Arabian horse. We aim to share our passion, promote higher standards of showmanship and sportsmanship. We are committed to open communication with everyone interested in the breed. This includes giving of our time and talents to educational groups and institutions, agencies, and civic organizations as well as the public in general. By doing so, we promote the horse industry and the Arabian breed.

*SHF actively supports the AHA Mentor Network Program as well as is a recognized Discovery Farm.